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GitHub search query

You can query for pull requests using GitHub search syntax.


  1. The search feature is used to search pull requests. We enforce this by dropping any is:issue or type:issue token in the query and will append is:pr to the query if is:pr does not exist.

  2. If you do not mention any organization or repository in the query, we will search for pull requests in repositories that use either Prow or Tide.

  3. By default, PR Status will display all of your open pull requests that are configured with either Prow or Tide.

Query Details

All required labels

All forbidden labels

How to meet merge requirements?

To meet merge requirements, all PR's labels need to satisfy at least one of queries configured for the repo that the PR belongs to.

The table below shows all queries for the PR's repo. Each row of the table below shows 2 parts of a query: required labels missing from the PR and forbidden labels that the PR has.

The PR would be considered as meeting merge requirements once it obtains all required labels and removes all forbidden labels for at least one row.

For more information, see: Kubernetes Contributor Guide & Command Help Page